Staffing Solutions

Find the right employees, with the right skillset, to suit your business operations. Our offshore staffing solutions allows you complete management and control of an experienced team without the need for office space, furniture and hardware.

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    Technology Solutions

    Significantly lower your expenses without compromising on a quality development program.

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    IT staffing needs

    We understand your software development needs. We can create your vision, cost-effectively, & quickly.

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    Find Talent with Us

    Our skilled developers are armed with the tools necessary to create one-of-a-kind software for our clients.

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We believe people learn more when they are having fun

Our staff, operating under the staff leasing model, work in designated teams on various projects worldwide. Equipped with the latest in development technology, the AND Digital office is a working environment suited to skilled and fun-loving employees.

Ready for more than just another job?

Whatever your project, however long it will take, AND Digital will provide you with a skilled team of developers; a team of your own until your project is complete. The staff leasing regime eradicates the need for written contractual agreements and their need to be adjusted due to unexpected changes in the duration of a project. Our dedicated team is yours, here to build brand equity while you focus on the finer details of running your business or corporation.